Sunday, 26 April 2009


Hi all,

We are currently a bit busy with our jobs. The crisis makes it feel. But even though we do not manage to update our blog regularly it does not mean we do nothing. :)

Today we are glad to announce that we have finally finished the testing phase of the great old and well-known game Pacman created in Excel'2007! Admire once again the huge potential and power Excel (and basically the whole MS Office Suite) has!

Check the video presentation to understand what it really is. :)

And here's the link to download the game:

Feel free to contact us if you experience troubles with the game.
Feel free as well to contact us if you experience any difficulties in solving problems in Excel and MS Office, we will most probably be able to provide you with help and support within hours! :)

All the best wishes from YellowRiver,
Valera :)