Sunday, 16 January 2011

Pet Detective app for iPhone

Hi guys,

we have published an application for iPhone - Pet Detective.

This is an application that helps pet owners find their lost pets. It is free and we encourage you to download it and form a community of pet finders. If you find some lost pet it costs you almost no effort to notify the potential pet owner about your finding. So, the more iPhone owners have Pet Detective app on their iPhone the more pets get found. Let's help each other. :-)

Read the description below:

The Pet Detective interface is the following:
1) once you run the app, you see a login page:

2) you have to create your account by specifying a valid email and a password:

3) after this you open a Profile page where you can manage your Contacts, Tickets (for lost pets), Spots (for found pets):

4) the Contacts page shows your personal name, email and other contacts for the pet finders to get in touch with you. The personal details are private unless you specify them as public while opening a ticket:

5) the Headline page gives the information about the lost pets and the offered reward for them:

6) the Nearby page shows the nearest lost pets to your current position:

7) from the Headline and Nearby pages you can open each ticket and check the information about the lost pet:

8) if you go to the Profile page you can check the status of your tickets and find out if your pour lost domestic animal was spotted somewhere:

9) from the same Profile page you can create a new ticket which must contain some specific information about the lost pet like its photo, the location of probable loss, its name and the reward. Please note that a percentage of the reward will be deducted from your account as a service fee:

10) the minimal service fee is 5$:

Whenever someone finds your pet he creates a FREE spot on your ticket. The spot contains the information about the found animal like its kind, photo and others. The very same moment you can see that you ticket was spotted and check the spot. You can reject or approve the spot. If the found animal is your pet you just personally reward the promised amount of money to the finder and get your pet. This transaction is not managed inside the application.

When you approved the spot and confirmed your animal found, you would close the ticket in order not to receive any more spots.

When you reject the spot your ticket remains open and we all keep hoping your animal gets found.

Feel free to read more on our application web site LocoJet:

And download the application from AppStore: