Sunday, 24 February 2008

Beginning: who we are and what we are!

Hello or simply hi!
We decided to start blogging just to tell you about us and about starting our business. Hopefully, this blog will help us find new friends and partners and will encourage interesting conversations and discussions.
We are Alexey Grigoryev and Valeriy Shylin. Although we live in different cities and even in different countries, we are united by an old friendship and a mutual aspiration for running our business.
Our company is called YellowRiver. What do we do?! Mainly ourselves! We build our knowledge, skills and experience.
Knowledge and experience for us are the collaboration with big brands on the level of advertising campaign design, Russia's mobile value added service (VAS) market research, web-site design, automation and many other!
Our main specialization is marketing communication and business process automation.
We see our mission in the contribution of our energy, positivity and new ideas to the welfare of our client!

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