Thursday, 28 August 2008

Trying to do the impossible


today we are not presenting any new solution even though there are some (their traditional video presentation will be ready soon). Today I will talk simply about my last two day activity.

Actually, the day before yesterday I had a task to do two things at my principal job. They both regard creating applications in Outlooksoft (already BPC bought by SAP).
The first one was to create an input form to make the user select an intersection where he will then put data (well, we are in the context of OLAP - on-line analytical processing, so, we work not with relational databases but with OLAP ones).
So, I solved this problem somehow in this way (a beta version, tomorrow we check if it is what the client wants and restyle it):

On the left there is the Current View with dimension names and current members. In the centre there are input cells (in green) and there are two buttons: OK and SEND.
The user does all the necessary selections and inputs, clicks OK, a new record is added to the table below. As soon as the table is ready, SEND button is pressed to simulate Outlooksoft's SEND_AND_REFRESH function. Well, that was not difficult at all. :)

OK and SEND buttons are not real buttons, these are just cells that behave like buttons. :) So, I decided not to load the worksheet with OLE objects... The input form is naturally Excel. :)

The second thing to do was more diffucult. I called it DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE. :)

The idea was to change the value of member properties in Outlooksoft dynamically. Officially it is not possible to do at all!!! But I tried. :)

Actually, I found almost all the stages of how property values are saved in Outlooksoft, tried to change values in MS SQL Server, almost created a web-service to change Outlooksoft's cache file on the server from client...

Everything turned out to be useless - the property's value remains the same as created until it is not modified directly from the Outlooksoft management console...

So, the impossible proved to be quite impossible. :) Now I'm going to check if the problem can be solved without changing those properties. :)

This is all for today.

All the best from YellowRiver. :)

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